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Hiring a content writer vs doing it in-house

The people inside a business are the ones who know what makes it tick. But are they best placed to promote everything that business has to offer? Not necessarily. If your business is blessed with someone who knows what makes it stand out and can put that into words that tell a convincing story for [...]

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Heartened and humbled by lockdown response

It’s been a pleasure over the last couple of months to discover more about how communities have rallied to help those most in need. From the Cumbrian coast to the Pennine hills and from the border to the South Lakes it feels there isn’t a town, village or hamlet that can’t look with pride at [...]

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Save an hour a day in your business

What would you do with an extra hour every day in your business? And what if you could save an hour every day in your business  - for you and all your colleagues - without extending the working day or losing any productivity? A study of 2,000 office workers last year found an hour of [...]

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Great advice for writing – 75 years on

George Orwell makes a regular appearance in one of my training courses. It may be almost 75 years since the author’s, Politics and the English Language, was published. But, like most good advice, it’s stood the test of time. The essay criticises the ‘ugly and inaccurate’ written English of the time. I wonder what he [...]

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Securing media coverage for your business

You’re convinced your company has an amazing story to tell. All you need do is fire off your press release and, hey-presto, guaranteed media coverage? Not quite so fast, and not quite so simple. Newsrooms and journalists are inundated every day with press releases from companies. All those organisations think their story is the most [...]

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Smile – you’re on camera!

We’ve recently added a new element to our presentation training – and it’s a game changer. There’s great value and learning to be had from a mix of theory and practise. But the latest addition significantly ups the performance and engagement of delegates. Video and playback of colleagues going through their presentation paces definitely has [...]

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Using multi-media PR to catch a wide audience

Using a full range of media is vital when you're trying to catch the attention of a wide variety of businesses and individuals. The five local authority partners in the recent Borderlands Conference wanted to appeal to as large a relevant audience as possible to maximise turnout for their landmark event. Using their own website was [...]

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Businesses can learn from Australian cricket about crisis communications

There’s much businesses can learn about handling crisis communications from the recent ball-tampering scandal that has engulfed Australian cricket. The incident has reverberated right through the sport and around the world and had far-reaching consequences. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull even spoke out publicly against his own country’s team and there was widespread condemnation of [...]

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7 reasons business should engage with mainstream media

Who would look to mainstream media for business promotion in this day and age? Newspapers? Dinosaurs. Living on past glories with plunging circulations. An irrelevance. TV? Unless it’s on Netflix or YouTube, I’m not watching. Radio? Who listens to that? Especially those local programmes. Besides we’ve got our Facebook page, and sometimes we Tweet out [...]

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