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Crisis communications and your business

“Ok, let me explain how things work. There’s no such thing as the ‘lunchtime news’ any more…what it is now, ok, is basically one long avalanche of s#@! happening in real time…with 24-hour live shovelling.” A comedic but recognisable assessment on the nature of 24-hour news from Neil Reid (David Westhead), the best character in [...]

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Social media policy, The New York Times and you

How’s your company’s social media policy standing up in the ever-developing online world? It’s doing a good job, no issues… Think it’s ok but maybe someone should have a look to see if people are still using it… What social media policy… If the honest answer is the second or third above then you wouldn’t [...]

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Getting ahead of the crisis

One of the aspects of crisis management hardest for businesses to get their heads round is being the one to break bad news to customers. Some businesses would prefer to front up only when necessary. They want to ride it out and hope people don't notice a problem. In a recent Crisis Media workshop I [...]

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How was your holiday?

If you've been lucky enough to have a holiday this summer hopefully it's left you refreshed and raring to go again. Most of us need to take that opportunity to wind down and recharge our batteries. However impossible the mounting in-tray looked before your break, there's a fair chance you'll be able to attack with [...]

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This is how you do community advertising

I know the focus and precision of targeted advertising on social media. I love some of the high impact, big graphic, quality audio of broadcast ads. And as someone who spent many a year fighting to keep advertisers in newspapers - and sometimes rejecting a few as well - I still believe in the enduring [...]

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Things I learned this week

While it takes talent, determination and guts to become an Olympic champion, achieving that goal and reaping the plaudits doesn't have to stop you being a grounded individual. Pleasure to meet gold medal-winning hockey player Sam Quek, using her fame and name to encourage others to be the best they can. Jockeys are tough. And [...]

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Hey media, notice me!

You’ve expanded your range, are now offering a better service or have just hired a whizz-kid who’s going to help transform your business. All good. But unless you tell people about the new you, how will they know about all these great things? Your business has its own website and social media accounts? Well, that’s [...]

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Election 2017: Campaign of the gaffe

They may have just spent the last seven weeks persuading us to keep them in work, but seriously, who’d be a politician? Ok, the pay’s not bad and there’s a certain kudos to it, but having to be constantly on your game, particularly at election time when it seems everyone is out to wrongfoot you, [...]

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Political wraps on newspapers, what’s all the fuss?

Local newspapers up and down the country have recently run political wraparounds of their publications - and some people are getting very hot under the collar about it. Those titles who’ve accepted the ads - owned by a range of publishers - have come under attack for ‘selling their soul’ or turning a blind eye [...]

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