Business comms in the time of coronavirus

Many businesses are understandably unsure about how best to communicate in these uncertain times.

The impacts of Covid-19 are being felt the world over. Virtually every sector of business is hit. And no one wants to come across as tone deaf to the struggles that many are facing.

But there are many valid grounds why businesses should keep up the communication. And with care and thought there’s absolutely no reason why this should come across as salesy or out of tune to the  many who are in survival mode.

Look at it another way. Lockdown looks set to continue for some time yet; if your customers, clients, employees and stakeholders don’t hear from you – they’re going to imagine the worst.

I’ve worked with two businesses in the last week who were both unsure about whether to communicate and then what to say. They’re both able to continue trading during the current lockdown. So, firstly it made absolute sense to let potential customers know this – and what changes they’d had to make to fit in with social distancing.

Few, if any, businesses are trading as normal. Potential customers want to know that all safety precautions are being taken to look after both them and employees.

Let employees know you value their efforts

Regular communication through media and your own websites and social channels is also a great opportunity to let your employees and contractors know you think the world of them and appreciate what they’re going through on a daily basis.

Given the current restrictions on everyday life, it’s also thinking about what expertise is in your business that can provide advice and assistance. If animal care is your industry then what insight can you offer that will add value for customers or clients? What issues are likely to affect pet ownership when freedoms are restricted, money may be tight or access to regular help services limited?

It’s looking laterally across the business and thinking about what useful content can you give people for the current times. It’s likely that often you’re already being asked these questions. You can bet that if one person is asking, then others will be looking for advice too.

Businesses don’t want to be seen as insensitive or pushy. Rightly, those that plough on regardless to the current circumstances will find themselves shunned by many. No one wants to hear right now (ever?) about the fantastic sales growth you’ve achieved with your amazing blah blah.

But they do want to hear from those who are keen to help and have something of value to add.

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