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Hey media, notice me!

You’ve expanded your range, are now offering a better service or have just hired a whizz-kid who’s going to help transform your business. All good. But unless you tell people about the new you, how will they know about all these great things? Your business has its own website and social media accounts? Well, that’s [...]

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Election 2017: Campaign of the gaffe

They may have just spent the last seven weeks persuading us to keep them in work, but seriously, who’d be a politician? Ok, the pay’s not bad and there’s a certain kudos to it, but having to be constantly on your game, particularly at election time when it seems everyone is out to wrongfoot you, [...]

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Political wraps on newspapers, what’s all the fuss?

Local newspapers up and down the country have recently run political wraparounds of their publications - and some people are getting very hot under the collar about it. Those titles who’ve accepted the ads - owned by a range of publishers - have come under attack for ‘selling their soul’ or turning a blind eye [...]

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