If you’ve been lucky enough to have a holiday this summer hopefully it’s left you refreshed and raring to go again.

Most of us need to take that opportunity to wind down and recharge our batteries. However impossible the mounting in-tray looked before your break, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to attack with fresh vigour after some time away.

There’s a benefit in stepping back and having time to clear your head, whether that’s time with family and friends, a one-off adventure or just a break from the regular routine. Often it’s not a specific action we take that casts work issues to the farthest corner of the mind it’s the stimulus provided by something new – or just waking in different surroundings.

That allows us to look with fresh eyes at our situation. We resolve to be different, to act differently, to seize new opportunities that come our way once we’re back facing our familiar routine.

You know the kind of thing. I won’t drink back-to-back coffees, endlessly refresh social media or re-build my DreamTeam¬†before¬†I get on with the task at hand.

A summer break gives us an opportunity to re-set ourselves. To do a bit of a life cycle check. That may be nothing more momentous than a chat with your nearest and dearest on the major events of the last year and what’s coming up at home.

After the break’s over, if it still feels like you’re peering up at the mountain summit from basecamp with no way up, then it might be time to consider some larger scale changes.

But for many we’re conditioned to step back into our daily roles. Hopefully with a bit more of a spring in our step or sense of purpose. (Although there are many whose first action once returned from the beach is to book their fun for October half term or Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with having goals!).

So if you’ve returned to work recently, try to keep that holiday you alive. I don’t mean wearing flip-flops to the office, over drinking at lunchtime and falling asleep under the nearest tree. But if you vowed to make some changes and improvements while you were away, see it through. Be the new you.

And if anyone happens to be reading this while they’re on holiday. Stop it. There’s better things you could and should be doing right now – and LinkedIn or Twitter will make sure you still get served this article on your return.

* If anyone’s ‘new you’ includes taking some essential steps to improving your media and communications skills, you’re in luck. I’ll be running workshops on Crisis Media Management on September 14 and Writing Successfully for the Media on October 4.