Public Relations

You know everything there is to know about your business, but can you sell its benefits or your products to the outside world?

There’s no reason why one person should be the expert in all fields. If you’re a great solicitor or engineer, doesn’t it make sense to concentrate on what you do best?

Words are our business and we can help tell your story and connect with audiences in print, online or through TV and radio.

Public relations is a key area of developing any business, very few are lucky enough to survive without some kind of promotion of services or products, so it makes sense to work with people you can trust and who’ve made a career out of effective communication.

We’ve worked on public relations with clients in a range of sectors from local government, to education, legal, entertainment, leisure and food production. We can help you get coverage in newspapers, with trade publishers, on websites, radio and TV.

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Media Training

A successful relationship with the media can do wonders for your bottom line or public profile. But it’s important to understand what both parties want and there are pitfalls to be avoided along the way.

What are the keys to ensuring yours is the story that gets put in front of a huge audience of potential customers? If you’re responsible for raising or protecting your company or organisation’s profile then you’ll want to work confidently with the media to give you the best chance of a successful relationship.

Media training will help you identify your key messages and the best opportunities for positive promotion. We will assist with techniques to approach the media, get noticed and understand what to expect.

If you’re facing a media interview or press conference, make sure you’re prepared and in the best position to make it a positive experience.

Consultancy and Project Work

All businesses and organisations need outside help at times – getting your media communications right can be crucial to future success.

Whether you’ve a well developed media strategy that needs fine tuning or are lost when it comes to promoting your products or services – help is available.

A void in communications can be damaging for any business, leading as it can to rumour and speculation. Stay in control by planning each element of your communications.

Services include undertaking a review of output to helping plan a new media campaign, launch or strategy.

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Crisis Communications

Unfortunately, bad stuff happens and that’s when your crisis communications planning comes into play. When you’re knee deep battling with an urgent problem, it’s not the time to work out how best to communicate with customers, staff, stakeholders or the public in general.

Establishing a framework for how you would restore confidence and communicate effectively in a crisis should be part of the disaster recovery plan of any business.

Preparing for the worst now can save an awful lot of head-scratching and stress at a time when you need to focus your efforts on sorting the issue.

So if the worst did happen, what’s your plan? Who do you need to tell, what do you need to tell them and when?

Sometimes events are just out of anyone’s control – but we can help build a plan to ensure your crisis doesn’t become an unnecessary drama.

Content creation

You may have the best product or service in the world but unless people know about it, it will never deliver.

We can help in many different ways in this crucial area. From the words that mean people take notice of your website, through blogs posts that can establish your business as a key player in thought leadership to social media management that keeps you in the eyesight of your clients.

We are expert in finding the right ways to communicate with your chosen audience. We don’t do jargon, we don’t get lost in the technical and we don’t do pushy salespeak. We work with you to understand how your business wants to communicate and then set about using our skills to craft those messages, paying particular attention to tone and desired impact.

And with the aid of our talented team of associates we can ensure that we deliver something eye-catching and memorable whether its on the web, social media, video or in print.

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Public presenting comes in many forms and it’s fair to say it’s not everybody’s idea of a good time.

Our training will equip you with the techniques and tips you need to step confidently onto any stage and deliver.

We offer support for those preparing presentations, conferences and award ceremonies. This can run from anything from speech writing, to client delivery appraisal to hosting the event.

Need someone to chair a public debate, forum, round table or seminar?
Or need a neutral voice hosting staff presentation sessions?

Talk to us, we can almost certainly help.

Media Commentator

The media world is never dull. The landscape continues to develop at a rapid pace with traditional publishers and broadcasters battling with giants of the internet for audience attention and advertiser spend.

There are legal challenges that impact on the way journalists and editors go about their business. And there are daily ethical dilemmas about story treatment and the public’s love/hate relationship with the media.

With a wealth of experience in newsrooms and publishing boardrooms, we study today’s media developments to ensure we’re there for anyone looking for analysis, perspective or comment on the latest news.

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Internal Communications

All too often it’s the people within an organisation that are in the dark about new developments.

The very people you’ll rely on to drive a new opportunity, bring about a crucial process change or transform the fortunes of a business shouldn’t be the last to know what’s going on.

Effective two-way communication with your team – large or small – is vital to the progress of any organisation, particularly those going through rapid changes.

Make sure that vision for the company steps out of the boardroom and onto the shopfloor or into the sales office.

We can help you map out the right communication, to the right people, at the right time.