While it takes talent, determination and guts to become an Olympic champion, achieving that goal and reaping the plaudits doesn’t have to stop you being a grounded individual. Pleasure to meet gold medal-winning hockey player Sam Quek, using her fame and name to encourage others to be the best they can.

Jockeys are tough. And don’t ever suggest to someone as good at her sport as Katie Walsh that women can’t compete on the same level as their male counterparts. In her words: “You get your head down, you get on with it.”

You can win business by helping others. There’s a great sense of collaboration across many SMEs I’ve come across and it pays benefits. Generosity of time, sharing contacts and passing on recommendations and even work proves not everyone’s in it just for themselves.

Radio producers can be sneaky. When asked to join Radio Cumbria’s week in review programme there was no mention of trying out some Inuit throat singing. Thankfully Suzanne Elsworth’s a proper journo who can read upside down print and we could make our excuses.

Starting your own business is at different times exciting and terrifying. Dispatching your first batch of invoices is a very satisfying feeling. Prompt payers of the world I salute you.